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Delhi to Goa- An Experience Unforgettable (Part III)


Part III

Surprisingly Shailja and Preeti seemed at ease with all that we were whining about. It was agitating us all the more.

“You really don’t mind using toilets in such circumstances?” complained Cuckoo

“Does it not bother you that people are knocking at your door when you want a little peace in the loo? I fail to lose all pressure in accord with such external pressures.” I added

Preeti and Shailja started to giggle and finally Preeti spoke up in between her giggles.

“We knew such a scene would be created. That’s another reason why we did all our survey before hand.”

“What do you mean?” Cuckoo asked

“We mean that just three bogies down the line the second class compartment starts. The toilets over there are better and the people are fewer. Since we are not allowed to use the toilets there, we have to be a little discreet and choose time when most of the people there are well settled in their compartments.”  Explained Shailja in hushed tones.

Our serious expressions gave way to slight smile as Shailja continued to discuss the plan of utmost secrecy. We were just being geared up to tackle a matter of life and death, of national security, of matters running across the borders.

“The cleaning lady comes at 6 a.m. and one time in the evening around the same time. So we will go at around 6.15 a.m. or 6.15 p.m. so that we can get access to clean toilets. And keep in mind, we never go in groups. We will go only one at a time so that no one can stop us. But we go there only to use the toilets. For brushing your teeth, washing your face or for just freshening up, we use the basin in our bogie only. And remember, you do not share this knowledge with anyone.”

Happy to have a new secret that could make our lives easier for hours to come, we planned everything. Who will go first, who second and so on. When you gotta go, you gotta go. So for now we compromised relenting to the toilets in our bogie nurturing the thought of having a better day with better toilets the other day.

The evening approached and we geared up thinking now is the time to have our private time with the loo. Since all of this was Shailja’s masterpiece, she had to be the first one to be honored to use a clean toilet. As she wore her slippers she had a look of a soldier who is going for a mission which he has already won. We stayed there watching her leave and then waited anxiously for her to return. We were extremely surprised to see her return within 5 minutes.

“What happened? All well?” Inquired Preeti.

“10-15 girls from our college are already lined up there. Seems that it was not me alone who came up with this bright idea.” Replied Shailja grimly.

 We burst out laughing. We had almost one more day to go and one more problem to tackle. As far as this one was concerned we put it on hold. We all went to the travel agents and asked for a shift in our compartments so that all four of us could be together. After sometime the travel agent came to us and broke the bad news that both ours and Preeti-Shailja’s companions were bitches and didn’t want to relocate. So this was another defeat we had to face on the same day. All this was getting too much on us and we decided to tackle it on the warfront. We cooked up another plan for the next morning.

Chitchatting casually we went upto the queue of girls lined up to use the toilet of our bogie.

“You know Cuckoo the toilets of the second class compartments are much cleaner. Let’s go there.”

“Yaar, we have already been here for sometime. I am feeling too lazy to walk till there. Leave it na. Let’s stay here only and wait.”

By the time we were discussing to go or not to go, three girls had already left quietly. Now we had just 4 more obstacles infront of us. Preeti came running to join us and started speaking to us excitedly.

“Shailja and I just went to the toilets at the other end. We got our turns very quickly and those ones are comparatively neater also. You guys go and use those ones.”

“No yaar, Cuckoo is too lazy to walk there” I replied nagging my friend.

By this time three more had girls left.  Cuckoo winked at me while now we waited patiently for our turn.

“Just few more hours Cuckoo. Then we will be in our hotel rooms and we can take as much time as we need in the toilets.”

“I know. Desperately waiting for that moment to come.”

“I didn’t eat or drink much so that I don’t have to use the loo that often.” Shailja responded

“Same here.” we replied in unison

After our turns we went back and hit our gossip sessions. After few hours our train hit a station. The travel agents came and asked all to collect our luggage as the next station would be ours. The commotion began and finally what seemed like a long wait and a long journey, we stepped out of the train. Don’t know about others but my thoughts were very clear, I will be using the loo as soon as I shift to my room and for long… After all I had to compensate for the two wretched days.

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Delhi to Goa- An Experience Unforgettable (Part II)


Part II

We sang, we chatted, we gossiped, we bitched and we laughed. We discussed clothes, we discussed makeup and we discussed boys. We spoke of the Sky we spoke of the Earth and we spoke of almost everything on it. The journey was treating us good so far. Finally evening set in and the lights were turned off. Time had come for us to return to our compartment. We didn’t want too. All four of us were bonding well and wanted to carry on with our chit chatting sessions. But to our discomfort, the compartment members of Shailja and Preeti had returned and wanted us to vacate their berths. We left talking amongst ourselves that the next day we would ask the agents to shift all of us together in the same compartment. Back in our compartment our company was already fast asleep so were still a mystery.

As we opened our eyes to the beautiful dawn in the hussle bussle of a rickety train, the fight for the toilets had already started. Much to our dismay there was a huge line infront of the two toilets in our bogie. Girls in their pajamas of all colours and chapplas were standing, chitchatting, yawning or nudging the one infront  to move faster. The sight itself gave me jitters. It’s sort of a disability in me of not being able to use public toilets. And over here the public is in a long queue, ready to knock on your door as soon as you latch it behind you. The catastrophe struck me. I had one full day and one full night in the train before we reached the station. I won’t be able to poop here that’s for sure. I thought to myself. Me and Cuckoo shot similar glances at each other and went back to our berths to absorb ourselves into self lamentation.

“How in the world are we supposed to use the loo like this?” I spoke up breaking the silence

“I have no Idea. Can you restrain yourself from using the loo for that long?” Cuckoo replied

“I really wish I can. I really really can’t use this washroom. The unending queue, the smell, the people waiting out for their turn while you are in it. It’s all so embarrassing. What to do yaar… We are stuck.”

“Let’s go over to Preeti and Shailja.”

To be continued…

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Delhi to Goa- An Experience Unforgettable (Part I)


Part I

More than two days in a train from Delhi to Goa during the times when the air fare seemed unaffordable was a turn off already before our train hit it’s destination.  The first day in the train was exciting enough and it seemed all will go great. But it was just the start. We waived goodbyes to our families and kin and occupied our respective berths. As the train started to move and the people on the station began to get smaller we realized we had nothing to do and we had two  big days ahead of us. My friend and me were giving blank expressions to each other. We already had chatted so much discussing the trip that when it actually started we had nothing to talk about. We both were anxious as to what and how our bogie mates would be. We wanted nice company. Someone had already placed their luggage on their berths in our compartment but they were nowhere to be seen. Well at least we were sure of the fact that they would be girls. (Much to our disappointment of expecting some cool dudes to be around us, who else can we expect in an all girls college trip consisting of 20-30 girls). It was just my friend and me who were from the same batch. Rest all were from different sections or our seniors or juniors. So where the faces would have been familiar the company would have been new.

As we waited for our company to return my friend Cuckoo and I started listening to music on my walkman sharing the earphones. Finally after half an hour two girls came to pick something from their bags. Cuckoo and I shot quick glances at each other.(oh so these two will share our compartment) the moment they left cuckoo and I were grinning at each other. (ok, no we were not planning to rape them or murder them. It’s just girly to scrutinize other girls.)

“What was that? They didn’t even wanna say hello…” retorted my friend

“They seemed pretty, but what’s up with the attitude?”

“Did you see what she was wearing? I mean the beach is in Goa does not mean you dress up like that in Delhi that too on a train”

“I know. Seriously. Sunflower chappals, sunflower clip, sunflower wraparound…too much sunflower on her.”


It was almost an hour and we already had started to feel restless. So we decided to move our asses around, find some familiar faces and make some new company. We moved from compartment to compartment but people already had their groups, were having fun, singing songs, playing cards, gossping, laughing( ok we were jealous of their big groups). Finally after some 5 compartments we found familiar faces, not only familiar but faces with whom we had chit chatted earlier as well. (Ahhhh! What a relief.)

“ Hiiiiiiiiiii”

“Oh hi. You too are on this trip.”


“Why don’t you people sit down.We had started to get bored already.”

And now we too had a group. Our gossip sessions also had started. Time seemed to run faster than before. Moments felt interesting.

“You know there is not even a single cute guy in this whole bogie.” Said Shailja

“What? You already did your research.” I replied

“Ya, that’s the first thing she checked after securing her baggage.”  grinned Preeti.

“Shit that’s sad news. So we literally have no cool guys around?” Cuckoo spoke up

“Nope. Just our travel agent guys. If you wanna consider them cool.” Chuckled Shailja

 “Yuckkkk…nooooo…plssssss. I am more than happy with the girly company than get excited for the agents.” Exclaimed Cuckoo.

“Don’t worry we will find some nice guys for you in Goa to flirt around with.” I said winking at my dear friend.

The journey had just begun and we still had plenty of hours.

To be continued…

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Case of the Mysterious Humming



Power cuts are quite a hit thing in India. Although we stay at a place where power back up is also popular but there are some unfortunate times that we face when an electrician has to be summoned. One such unfortunate incident happened a few days ago when in the middle of the night my husband woke me up because there was a power cut and it had already been half an hour that the electricity didn’t turn up. We called for the electrician and sat of the porch while we awaited his arrival.

I occupied the comfortable rocking swing while my husband rested himself on a chair.

“What’s that sound?”

“What sound?”

“The soft humming sound, can’t you hear?”

“It’s an insect.”


Few minutes passed. The sound did not cease.

“What IS that sound?”

“I told you it’s an insect.” My husband replied irritated.

“No. it can’t be an insect. The sound is too regular for it to be an insect.”

“Why don’t you go further near the drain and listen. It’s an insect.” He said in a confident voice which to me sounded overconfident at that point of time.

As I walked towards the drain, I tried and focus towards the source of the sound. I could not figure it out.

“I think it’s coming from the car. It’s appearing to be a little loud here. And it is definitely not an insect.”

“It seems like an insect to me.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

Annoyed with his non budging attitude I started to walk back towards my seat on the swing, “Why don’t you come here and figure it out for yourself. The sound is too regular and continuous to be that of an insect.”

Our argument was put to an end with the arrival of the electrician. He checked a few circuits here and there. “Sir, the blue phase is out. I have fixed it.”

“Thanks a lot. Ya the electricity is back.”

As we saw the electrician pass by us I told my husband to follow me to detect the source of the sound. It was annoying me not to be able to figure out where the sound is coming from. We started to walk together trying to find out the source of the sound. We crossed almost 4-5 houses in our lane when my husband pointed with a low tone, “Did you realize, the sound and the intensity of the humming is not increasing. We our 5 houses past our house and the sound remain the same. It is just not amplifying.”

“Now that you have mentioned it, I notice it. And you have kinda freaked me out by pointing this. So let’s just go back. Let it be.”

“Stop being such a sissy. Let’s walk further and put an end to your curiosity.”

“You know in most of the detective or horror films people try to act BOND like this only and land up into trouble, and I keep asking myself as to why did they have to act so stupid to go behind that thing or whatever they are after. So I don’t want to one of them in the movies. Just let’s go.”

“I would like the movie to be made around us this time. Wow fanciful thinking.” He replied grinning.

 “We are already at the end of our lane, how far do you want to go?”

“Wait. Listen. The voice has increased a lot over here. It might be coming from this house.”


We stood there in the middle of the road staring at the house in front of us, straining our eyes and mind to figure out the source of that relentless humming.

“Look there is something on the window. A device. It looks like a camera to me. Probably it’s coming from that.” I exclaimed pointing at the black equipment attached to the window on the houses’ first floor.

“Camera’s don’t make sound like that. And that does not look like a camera to me.”


We started to walk back. It was futile to look for the humming sound in the house. Atleast we got to know that it is coming from a house.

“It can be a burglar’s alarm. But those alarms are either magnetic or infra red. So it cannot be that. Didn’t look like that. And why would it hum?”  He said thinking out aloud.

“So what does your brain tell you Mr Know It All? What is that peculiar sound?” I asked nudging him.

“I think it’s some kind of equipment they have placed in their garden to ward off mosquitoes and other insects. That is the only logical thing I can think off.”

“Hmmmm. Well at least now that we know from which house it is coming, it does not feel that creepy. AND it is not that of an insect GENIUS.” I replied

“And not from our CAR too SISSY.” He grinned at me.

It was 1 a.m. and I was sleepy. So I chose to believe my husband’s suggestion of it coming from an insect repeller. Had I not chosen to believe him, I would have ruined my sleep just wondering what was causing that sound. I adjusted my brain for the answer I got and went off to sleep with the humming mystery reverberating somewhere back in my head.


Denim Skirt



“I don’t like it much…but … whatever… I will live with it.”

“Common, it’s not that bad. It’s not very good but it’s not bad either.”

“I know, but I spent money on it. God knows what was in my head that I picked it up.”

“It’s ok sweetie. Relax. It’s just a skirt. Get it exchanged.”

“That’s the problem. Those buggers won’t exchange it.”

The story goes back to my graduation days. Fun filled with friends, canteen, bunking lectures, movies and shopping, I was quite enjoying my life. Much as I enjoy eating and have strong opinions for the places I eat, so goes it for shopping. Once I get judgmental about my choice for shopping I like sticking to it.

 So, my girly gang and I were sitting together at our favourite place, kinda our reserved place, behind the canteen in the college lawns eating samosas and drinking pepsi. (my god the amount of coke/pepsi I used to drink at that time was commendable, so much so that my friends had started telling me to get married to someone in Pepsi so that I can have an ever ready stock of it in my house.) We were happily wiling away our time with the Indian junk delicacy and the western drink and to spice it all up with our ever ready gossips.

 I was wearing a new denim skirt, tight and long with a front slit that went right till my knees. I had bought that skirt just a few days before and was not very happy with my decision of buying it. But since I had bought it, I decided to wear it, hoping it would have been shorter for it to look better. As I sat there lamenting over my grief of the long skirt sipping Pepsi in front of my friends, we saw the most popular twin sisters in college appear. Tall, fair skinned, adoring a big pair of sunglasses with a small handbag clutched lightly on their elbow, they were walking towards us tip topping in their high heels.( Our college used to be our favorite place for fashion fiestas, watching the latest trends walk by us and we approving or disapproving what will make it as a fashion statement or what will be a faux pa. Image

Goddd…they really knew how to carry their clothes. Richness dripping from their head to toe they were a beautiful sight to watch.) Being in college union and greatly involved in extracurricular we were often approached by people for various activities happening around. In this case the twins were no stranger to us. We had shared couple of common lectures plus some common times in the canteen. But our knowledge for each other was restricted only till names and bitching about the teachers and sharing notes.

“Hey, what you doing, free lecture or bunking?”

“Ha ha ha, bunking. It’s Zutshi’s class. So decided to skip it.”

“Oh good good, I dread her and her lectures… By the way nice skirt.”

Ahhhhh, the compliment sounded like a little ray of hope and was really needed for me to feel a little better about my skirt.

“Thanks. But I do not like it much.”

“Why it’s looking nice on you.”

“Thanks yaar, but I am not too happy. Just wearing it as another thing in my wardrobe.”

“So get it exchanged?”

“Buggers won’t exchange it. I had bought it from a shop in Rajouri called U Turn. Had gone to get it exchanged within 2-3 days of my purchase, but the person on counter was very rude and did not want to cooperate, so I am stuck with it after shelling a bomb for it. I don’t think I will ever visit that shop again. It was a very very bad experience and….”

I was stopped in between with a gentle tap on my forearm by one of the twins, “ aaaaa…. Before you say any further….that shop is ours….”

“What?? Oh …I am sorry …I didn’t know.”

“It’s ok. I realize that you didn’t know that’s why stopped you in between.”

“Anyways, our next class is about to start. So we better rush. Catch you around some other time. Ok see ya.”

Saying this I dashed out of their presence grabbing my girl friends to find some other safe spot away from them. Being well out of their reach we exploded into a huge laughter. What had happened was very embarrassing and also very funny. But if I come to think of it now and retrospect as and how it happened, it would have been more embarrassing for the twins. As per me I was giving an honest feedback and they should have taken it and done something about my skirt. But just as my wits were high on Pepsi probably theirs too were high on their shop. But the crux of the matter is, I was right about my opinion for the store. The store shut down in few months and no longer exists at the same place. And my denim skirt… I wore it for 2-3 times, was still not happy with how it looked on me, so ended up getting it altered to a shorter length and now finally I was happy wearing it.


Splash Splash Splash


“I am scared. Pleaaasseee don’t push me. Give me some time.”

“If you don’t enter the water how will you learn to swim?”

“Ok I am jumping. Please catch hold of me. Don’t let me drown.”

“Mam the water is just 5 ft. Don’t worry you won’t drown.”

Speaking in between sobs and more scared than a three year old splashing around me I managed the courage to jump awkwardly in to the blue that spread across me.

I am 29 and I am shit scared of water. To try and overcome my fear for water and take swimming lessons is probably one of the toughest decisions I might have taken in my life. Where in some countries learning to swim is like an everyday affair, sort of a necessity, in the place where I come from it was a big deal when I was growing up. There were club charges, pool charges, trainer charges and not everyone was too keen in spending money upon such a sport. Things being a little different now, parents like to see their kids being a part of various sports, swimming being one of the important ones.

So, I am 29 and I am learning to swim. And yes I am learning it from scratch, from bubbling to floating to moving the legs to moving the hands to lifting up the head and breathing while swimming. When I entered the pool for the first time I was amazed to see with what ease the little ones were moving around in the water. Somehow they managed each and every stroke with such agility that it appeared to be as simple as breathing. And it took me one whole lesson to just lift my feet off the ground in water to start floating.

I see the little ones rolling and playing in water, throw there glasses and going under water to fetch them. I wonder will I ever manage the courage to go under water like that.

“Do you wanna race with me? Back stroke?”

I turned around to see a little boy (probably 10-11 yrs old) eyeing at me while adjusting his glasses.

“I am not that efficient with the freestyle also and you want me to race backwards with you?”

“Okay, relax. We can race freestyle also if you want.”

Probably for the first time in my life a 10 year old managed to make me nervous. At the same time my trainer started encouraging me asking me to go ahead with the race. Finally after taking a deep breath I plunged in for the race. Obviously I lost. I was nowhere near the speed of that kid but that race certainly gave me the motivation to race with myself everyday and learn back stroke too.

My training lessons still continue and I still have a long way to go. The 5 ft does not scare me anymore but the thought of my feet not touching the ground in deeper waters is still scary. I still push myself for one extra stroke and I still struggle with breathing after a few laps, but I still manage to get in water everyday drawing my strength from that little one flapping infront of me. My real trainers are actually the little floating mermaids wearing pink and those little naughty boys trying to jump in the pool just to enjoy the great splash. They give me the motivation I need, that if I look at the fun part of all of this my fears will drown in the same water I am in. And I am up for another lap. I still have a long way to go but as of now I have managed to enjoy my journey.


Who is the Bully?


“What is that sound didi? It’s so horrible and scary.”

“What sound?”

“The sound that is coming from outside. Tttttteeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn.”

“Oh that sound. It’s a UFO.”

“UFO? What’s a UFO?”

“Aliens in flying space ships.”


“Yeahhh. Really. They catch naughty children and take them away to their land. They come here everyday to search for children like you. I think you should hide. If they spot you they might take you.”

This was not the first time my sister had fooled me and managed to scare me. It took me a couple of months to know that the UFO that used to circle around my house every day in morning and evening was actually an electric kettle intimating the water being boiled. And for months every time that sound used to come, I used to hide myself under the bed and not come out till a couple of minutes after the sound had gone.


I was a typical kid with loads of whims and fancies, knew very well how I can achieve my purpose, when and in front of whom I have my say, how to emotionally blackmail my parents to have my way, how to irritate my sisters and make them wish I was never born. In return my sisters left no stone unturned to bully me (of course they had to stay in their limits else I had the capabilities to turn the tables by using my deadly weapons of being the youngest one and those unavoidable tears that could fall with slightest of provocation. It always worked in front of my parents.)

“Wake up, wake up.”

I groggily opened my eyes to see my sister shaking me try to wake me up. Must have been something really important else what much can a six year old do.

“You were smiling while you were sleeping. What were you dreaming? Tell me now else you will forget by morning.”

Ohk…I didn’t anticipate that coming.

“Mummyyyyyyyyyyy. Mmmuuummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy. Didi woke me up just to ask what I was dreaming.” I wailed out to my mother and it worked. My sister did get a scolding for waking me up like that. But it exasperated me to the hilt that she had her quota of fun in troubling me and mom’s scolding also didn’t perturb her.

The saga does not end here. I was prone to landing up in trouble and creating a lot of nuisance as it was very difficult to control me and keep me in sight. So a Black Fairy legend was invented by my sisters to keep my fluttering kiddish spirits in check. Post evening, when the darkness started to creep in, a black fairy used to visit our backyard (it was the place where all the exciting things, the broom, the mop, the buckets, drums of stored water, my father’s tool kit, my sister’s big girl toys and other miscellaneous items fanciful to a kid were kept.) So anytime post evening when all were busy with their chores I was forced to stay indoors lest the black fairy may take me. So any kid who would go unattended by an elder would be captivated and taken to hell.  It took me a couple of years to get out of that one.

Apart from all this, I was endlessly tortured with Science, Math, Hindi and English. While Science and English were divided between my sisters, my father used to teach me Math and mother, Hindi.  As it was very difficult to pin me down for few minutes altogether it was a family task to torture me by forcing me to study. And in between numerous bathroom and water breaks that I used to take to get away, they did manage to finish my course with great agilities. Whenever my exams used to approach there was a ban put on the TV. Rather to avoid me sneaking in, the TV was kept under lock and key and the remote hidden far away from my reach. Where I thought that it was a torture to me, my sisters used to blame me for the same, stating that I am the cause of their torture. I often heard them complain, “We do not watch TV when we have our exams. And now that our exams are over, we cannot watch because she has her exams. That is unfair. Why can’t she be kept in other room to study? Why ban TV for us?” They not only had to miss their TV but study for my exams too. My project works were divided between my family while I was busy playing during my summer vacations. Phewww…I did have a lot of pressure on my poor little soul.


I had a special eye on their Makeup. The shiny bottles of all sizes with a lots of colors fancifully displayed on our dressing table had a special place in my heart. Any child would be curious to open them and color their hands, legs, hair, face or anything with it. I was no different. Not only did I experiment on myself with those things but also used to paint the faces of my sisters when they were asleep.(If I get into retrospection I wonder why did they display all that at the first place if they were so scared of me laying my hands on them??? Their fault if I messed up with their things.)

So as I was famous for my notoriety at my house I am sure all kids are at theirs. Where I used to think that my sisters are bullying me, not giving me what I want, my sisters used to feel that they are being bullied by me as they are so vulnerable because they can’t do much in reprimanding me because of my age. Be it the Black Fairy or the UFO or the TV for me, be it me breaking their toys, meddling with their clothes and makeup to spill all or force them emotionally to do my project works, someone was always shrieking on someone somewhere in our house. Well Most of the times it was one of my sister or both of them shouting at something that I did wrong. (If I put it all like that and re read my post, I feel sorry for my sisters that they got bullied by someone half their size. But whatever…I had my fun and I think for a kid that I was then, they deserved it 😉  )




 “It’s Zoey’s third potty call since morning and all were fake.” I heard the not so amused voice of my friend over the phone as she stated the biggest calamity of the day. One thing I cannot understand with parents (especially in India) is why they fret so much about everything related to their kids and somehow even smallest of the things concerning them is blown so much out of proportion.  I probably will understand once I have my own kids but as of now I derive my pleasure in talking about the fuss created. It’s a vicious cycle, they don’t crap so they don’t eat, they don’t eat so they get cranky, they get cranky so they don’t sleep, they don’t sleep so they don’t let you sleep, you don’t sleep so you get cranky, you get cranky so you yell at your spouse, you yell at your partner so he/she yells back at you and the cycle continues. “Yeeepppiii”, finally my friend decides to get delighted after talking to me for 10 minutes when her daughter decided to release her dump. Thank God a catastrophe was averted in her house as Zoey decided to ease down the adrenaline pumping my friends’ heart over the potty issue.

Zoey is a very vivacious, charming and beautiful two and a half year old daughter of my dearest friend. She has a mind of her own but like most parents my friend usually tries to reason with it. Zoey has recently joined a play school and she rocks at it. Apart from rocking the school she also succeeds in rocking the worries of my friend thereby making her life so eventful. It is either Zoey eating too much at school or Zoey not eating anything at home. Either Zoey has learnt a new dance step watching some cheap Hindi Bollywood song or she is blowing flying kisses to everybody in the park because that’s a new thing she has picked up and enjoys practicing on anybody looking at her.

I often hear my friend complaining, “You do not know what it is to raise a daughter; they just grow up so fast. She is getting naughtier by day. It’s so difficult to manage her. She is just two and already the boys in park have started hitting (she meant compliments) upon her, can you imagine…small boys riding their tricycles. I just wonder what will happen when she grows up. How will I manage the guys around her? ” (My friend usually forgets what she was and how many guys she had in her life over the course of her journey from tricycles to cars, from school bags to salary cheques and from being a naughty kid to become a doting parent.)


Other grave concerns also keep surfacing time and again in my poor friend’s so eventful life. “Zoey eats only when in the bath tub.” “Just finished feeding my little highness, Queen is now asleep. Oh no, she is up again.” “I couldn’t sleep. Zoey pushed me off the bed. Twice I got up because I was about to fall from the bed. I spent the night huddled up in a corner of my bed.” But usually it is either the food or the crappy issue that is a major point of concern. (After all both are related in some way.) Recently I received a message from my friend stating the latest point of distress in her life. “Just made fried potato for Zoey. She finally accepted those after rejecting Banana, Porridge, Papaya, Biscuits, Cake, Milk and Eggs.” (Well that’s a long menu for rejection, I agree.)

The two and a half year old recently learnt to recite “I Love You”. She still fumbles with her sentences and cannot even pronounce words properly, but probably her I Love You surpasses all the love sonnets I have ever heard. Initially as my friend encouraged her to speak the three wonderful words, now she started curbing her lest Zoey may proclaim her love to the world, to everybody in the neighborhood and park. (Madam is just too jealous to let “Her Precious” be exposed to the world.)

Well my friend’s dilemma over raising her child continues and probably will continue. Just as all parents she is and will keep getting hassled over smallest of the issues concerning her kid even when the kid is no longer a kid. After all, kids will always be kids to their parents.

But I would like to tell my friend to relax and take it easy on herself. Zoey will come out to be a fine lass and she is doing a great job being a parent.


Stupid Cupid


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Part VII (Final Part)

Natassha didn’t receive a call from Priya for a couple of days. She had lost all hopes of reconciling with Rohit. She remembered the determination he had to move on. And if at the first place he did think of breaking up with her then what’s the point in forcing him back in a relationship with her. Things would never be normal again. Thinking this she consoled her heart. She had not thought of a life without Rohit or beyond Rohit so getting back on her feet with her daily routine without him was being extremely difficult for her. Not one night went by when she didn’t think of him and cried out her heart to her pillow. She spoke to Priya of and on but avoided talking about Rohit and so did she. Natassha observed that Priya is avoiding speaking about Rohit too. She assumed that Priya is doing it on purpose lest she may hurt Natassha unknowingly or probably because she herself didn’t know what to say. Priya was her only comfort now. It had been a month since Natassha’s breakup with Rohit and she was still coping up. Priya had been busy with her work a lot lately so meeting her often was not possible. But she did speak to her few times in a week. One day Natassha get’s a call from Priya. Seeing her name flash on her screen, delighted she picks up her cell,

“Helllooo. Long life deary, I was thinking about you only… where are you these days. No message no call since so many days. All well?” She said in a breath without giving a chance to her cousin to speak.

“Ya ya all well. You tell me how have YOU been?” replied Priya

“I am fine. Just trying to keep myself busy. Forget me; tell me what’s new at your end?”

“Ya. There is something new I called to tell about. I have started seeing someone.”

“What? Wow. Congratulations. Who is the lucky guy?” Natassha asked excitedly feeling happy for her sister.

There was silence for a few seconds. Then bleakly Priya replied, “It is ROHIT.”

Silenced pursued. Natassha was flabbergasted.

“Please don’t kill me Natassha. I had been meaning to tell you this but just didn’t know how to say it.” Priya said feeling guilty.

“How long have you being seeing each other?”

 “A little less than a month.”

So that means Rohit started to see Priya soon after he broke up with me.  And Priya knowing all about what I have been going through chose to go ahead with it. Did she know that he will break up with me? Was all this planned?

Natassha’s head was spinning like a ball. Finally she asked Priya with a throbbing heart, “You started seeing each other before he broke up with me? Did something happen between you two?”

Priya accountable for her actions replied slowly, “Yes. We were high on booze at our team party and shared a moment. We tried to forget what happened and move on but kept lingering on to it despite conscious efforts of avoiding each other. Trust me it was the most awkward time of my life to feel for my cousin’s boyfriend.”

Astonished at Priya’s audacity Natassha blurted out, “Oh I am so sorry for your most awkward moment. I trusted you for everything and you betrayed me, but still sorry for the awkwardness caused in your life.” Natassha banged the phone on Priya. She felt the vacuum growing within her. She felt as if someone had sucked the air out of her body. The numbness started to grow within her and she dropped on her chair with a loud thud. Two people she loved and trusted the most, and both of them betrayed her, stabbed her in the back. So Priya was the reason why Rohit broke up with me in such haste. That bitch. Rohit is still not family, so I can still expect this from him, but Priya…

I will give myself just one more day, one last day to lament over both of them and cry for them. Tomorrow will be a new day and I will start afresh. They both are not worth my precious tears. I will have nothing to do with either of them. I have cried enough and now no more. Strengthening her heart she spoke loudly to herself.

As the next day dawned,  Natassha got rid of everything she had from and of Rohit and Priya. The photographs, the messages, the mails, the gifts and every other thing that reminded her of them. She had to move on. She was not given with any other choice. As the new day started, she picked picked up her bag and got ready to leave for work. She stared nowhere out of the bus window and smiled at herself.  She had broken up with Karan because she started to like Rohit and felt things were going nowhere with him and now Rohit broke up with her because he started to like Priya and felt things are getting redundant with Natassha. The circle of life was complete. She had to just wait for a new circle to begin and watch the cupid strike her again.


Stupid Cupid

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Part VI

Post their altercation Natassha kept waiting but there was no message or call from Rohit. One whole day went by. Next day as Natassha had expected, Rohit called her.

“I am sorry Natassha. I behaved very badly.”

“Yes you did, but it’s okay.” She said jovially.

“So I am picking you up for lunch today. Stay free.”

Natassha hung up the receiver smiling. Her prediction to her mind about Rohit came true. He did call her to apologise. She felt glad that she knew him so well.

Rohit picked her up for lunch. He was wearing the leather jacket he always wanted which was gifted to him by Natassha the previous day. It looked nice on him and Natassha was glad she got it for him.

“Nice jacket by the way” she said. “When did you buy it?”   

“Santa left it on my bed yesterday.” He replied smiling

He still was not talking much. And now Natassha was getting worried. Probably it is his job. She had thought. He was facing a lot of issues with his bosses lately. After lunch they went to his house. As they were chit chatting about stuff, Rohit abruptly said,

“Natassha, you are the best girl I have known in my life. And I know there can be no one who can love me more than you do.”

Natassha blushed looking down at her fingers. After all this time Rohit still had that effect on her which he had the first day they had met and had gone for a drive.

“But… Love is not enough.” He continued, “I want more from my love life and I think you cannot give what I seek.”

A stunned Natassha looked straight into his eyes, searching for a glint of joke but she found none. He was as serious as he sounded.

“You want to break up with me?” She asked hesitatingly, barely able to speak.


“We can work it around somehow sweetie. After all nothing is wrong with us. Let’s give it another try. Please.” She spoke as a tear escaped her eye.

“I have been trying for the last couple of months. It’s just not going anywhere for me. There is no point stretching it. ”

What?? Couple of months and she had no clue. He never spoke to her about what he is feeling and never showed it too…Just a week back they had gone for a movie with Priya along with them and he was perfectly normal. He joked; he laughed and even told her that he loves her. How can things change in a day or two? Seeing that Rohit has made up his mind she didn’t try to convince him more. She got up to leave. Rohit moved forward to give her a goodbye hug as a ritual they practiced whenever they met, but she moved aside and left without even glancing him one more time. She felt weird. She just couldn’t imagine that he broke up with her. It was the biggest jolt she could have imagined. Like a lost soul she reached back home, not knowing what to do now. Then she thought of calling Priya thinking probably Rohit would have confided with her about his feelings.

“Priyaaa.” She started howling.

“What happened Natassha. Why are you crying?” Priya asked worried. “Please stop crying and tell me. What is the matter?”

“Rohit broke up with me.” She told her between sobs.

“What? When? How come?”

“I don’t know it’s just too abrupt for me. I can’t figure it out myself. ” Replied a devastated Natassha.

“Did he tell you why he is taking this step?” Asked Priya enquiringly.

“No. Just told me he needs more in life than me.” Saying this she started to cry again.

“Okay, calm down. Let me talk to him and find out what he is cooking up in his head.”

To be continued…